Hackathon Goes Open Source

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A new feature of Hackathon 2018 was that its design was placed more in the hands of the open source community. From now on, the participants will have the chance to submit their own projects, which was previously an option reserved only for the sponsors. Not-for-profit projects, which are not implemented in companies, should be implemented by the combined forces of the open source community and the representatives of the hosting and service providers.

The results were impressive. Almost 60 men and women from all over Europe took part in the Hackathon. It is particularly noteworthy how motivated developers, who in their daily lives work  in competing companies, shared their knowledge at this event, learned from each other, and together found solutions that benefit the entire cloud industry.

The projects were implemented in six groups in an inspiring exchange with several teams working late into the night.

At the official CloudFest opening, the participants themselves presented the results of their work on stage. The presentation was moderated by Jeff Hardy, Hackathon moderator, and Sabrina Waltz, co-organizer of the event.

Many thanks to all participants and the sponsors 1&1, CMS Garten, Domain-Fabrik, GoDaddy, Host Europa, Intel, OVH, Plesk, and Ripstech for another unforgettable hackathon.

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