Internet Legend Paul Mockapetris as Patron of the 1&1 Cloud.Community Hackathon 2017

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A special guest of honour was the godfather of the Cloud.Community Hackathon. Paul Mockapetris, Internet pioneer and Domain Name System inventor, mingled with the participants and answered questions about the history, operation and future of the Domain Name System (DNS).

More than 40 developers from all over the world - including Germany, Spain, Russia, Australia, England, Romania and the USA - met at Europa-Park to work together and compete in a relaxed atmosphere. The developers worked on seven exciting projects, which were defined by the sponsors.

As patron of the event, which was presented this year by 1&1 under the name Cloud.Community Hackathon, Paul Mockapetris gave an overview of how it all began: From the first successful test of the decentralized and automated DNS in 1983, to the further development that established the Domain Name System as one of the core foundations of the Internet. The participants then used the opportunity to discuss with the Internet legend, ask questions and take one or two photos.

Presentation of the results

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the results of the Cloud.Community Hackathon on the WHD global stage. Paul Mockapetris and 1&1 Internet organizer Sabrina Waltz moderated the presentation, where representatives of the groups explained the results of their project ideas to the audience. The patron expressed his views in an interview on how he sees the future of DNS and how the cloud influences this development.

Feedback from participants

The feedback from the project teams was excellent:

"The hackathon is very well organized and the participants have a wide range of different knowledge."

"We have a great time here with a great community and great projects working on new ideas!

"The Hackathon offers the opportunity to work with talented developers from different countries - simply wonderful."

"I was particularly enthusiastic about the growth of the event. Last year the hackathon was fantastic, but much smaller than now. It's nice to see that the community character is encouraged and lived."

Many participants and guests of WorldHostingDays expressed their interest in participating next year.

We thank all participants and the sponsors 1&1, Intel, HEG / GoDaddy, Plesk, InterNetX, OnApp and CMS-Garden who made the Hackathon a great success!

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