The CloudFest Hackathon 2019 is just around the corner!

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It's time again! For the fourth time, the CloudFest Hackathon will take place at Europa-Park Rust. From March 23rd-25th 2019, developers from the cloud industry and from all over the world will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects for 3 days and turn their ideas into products.

The event, which takes place directly on the weekend before the main conference of the CloudFest, is supported and sponsored by experts from IONOS with their know-how.

The Technical Work Group of ID4me, which consists of developers and product owners from IONOS and Denic, accompanies the project ID4me Plugin Fiesta. The goal is to facilitate the distribution of ID4me by enabling the developer communities of common content management systems to integrate ID4me with little effort. We have compiled the project and further information for participants in the following article - ID4me Plugin Fiesta.

The Focus Is on the Community

Just as in the year prior, the Hackathon is characterized by the fact that all participants can submit their own ideas. The open source community remains the center of attention. Eight different projects around CMS, Universal Acceptance, Domain Configuration, Single Sign-On, and AI are already waiting to be implemented. As always, everything is open-source, non-profit and interoperable.

The venue is the 4-star Hotel Santa Isabel. Everything is included for the participants: The costs for accommodation, catering and even travel within Germany by train are covered.

Presentation of the Results

The results of the hackathon will be presented in the NameStudio™ API Main Forum, Ballsaal Berlin on Tuesday at the opening of the CloudFest. Here, the teams have the opportunity to talk about their implementation and explain to the audience what they have achieved.

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