Install or Upgrade MySQL on Windows Server 2016

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Learn how to install MySQL on a Cloud Server with Windows Server 2016, using the free MySQL Installer tool.


  • A Cloud Server with Windows 2016.

Note: MySQL is installed and running on a Standard Windows installation by default. If your server was created with a Minimum installation, the following steps will install MySQL on the server.

Download the MySQL Installer

Connect to the server with Remote Desktop. Open a browser window and go to the MySQL Windows Download Page.

Click MySQL Installer.

Install MySQL on Windows Server 2016

Click to download the web-community version of the Installer.

Install MySQL on Windows Server 2016

Install or Upgrade MySQL

Open the mysql-installer-web-community file, which you have downloaded. This will launch the MySQL Installer wizard.

Select the MySQL products you wish to install or upgrade. The installed version and available upgrade version will be shown for products which are already installed.

Install MySQL on Windows Server 2016

As you can see, this server already has MySQL version 5.7.15 installed. The installer will upgrade this to version 5.7.20.

Click Next to continue. Then click Execute to install/upgrade MySQL.

Install MySQL on Windows Server 2016

The installation/upgrade will be completed.