PHP Use Case: Interact with a MySQL Database

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This use case explores using PHP to interact with a MySQL database. Learn how PHP can be used to insert information into a MySQL database, manage MySQL records, and retrieve and display it on a web page. PHP is a good choice for this purpose, as it can be easily integrated with a website, and it has an extensive set of tools designed to work with MySQL.

Use Case: Web Front-End for a MySQL Database

The user in the following scenarios is in charge of setting up a property management website. The website will need to display listings by city, let realtors upload new property listings and update existing properties, and let website visitors add comments.

Scenario 1: Creating an Admin Area

The user begins by creating a separate admin area of the website where authorized users can log in to add and update property records.

To begin, the user creates a series of PHP pages to display records, add new records, and update existing records.

The user then implements security measures to prevent unauthorized access. This includes using PHP session tracking to verify the realtor's login, and SSL to secure the connection.

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Scenario 2: Displaying Records to Website Visitors

For the public areas of the website, the user needs to display property records to visitors. These records will be filtered by city, according to the visitor's choice from a drop-down menu.

To set this up, the user creates a PHP page with a form that includes a drop-down menu listing the cities where properties are located. The PHP page connects to the MySQL database, and passes along the information from the drop-down menu as a filtering choice in the WHERE clause. The resulting records are then displayed on the webpage.

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Scenario 3: User Comments

For the final phase of the project, the user needs to add the ability for unregistered visitors to add comments to property records.

To implement this feature, the user adds a PHP form to the PHP page which displays an individual property record. This form posts the visitor's comment to a MySQL table for comments.

Due to the potential security risks of accepting text input from unregistered visitors, the user is careful to thoroughly sanitize the input before passing it to MySQL.

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