Define Goals

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First, decide what you want to achieve with your website:

  • Inform and advance your readers
  • Build trusting relationships 
  • Make visitors return to your site 
  • Turn potential customers into paying customers
  • Offer support for existing customers
  • Increase newsletter subscribers
  • Sell products online

To achieve these goals, your readers must benefit from your content. Useful content is the best incentive to visit your site again.

Tip: Plant an idea into the minds of your readers and show them how they implement it!

The content must inspire, motivate and encourage your readers to try new things. Make it clear that your products are the best solution. Explain how you can make your customers' lives easier.

Above all, your content must create trust. Focus on ideas and realistic solutions. Gradually lead your visitors and customers to small successes and promise nothing you can't keep.

Present ideas and solutions!

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