Finding The Right Tone

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The nature, style, complexity and terminology of your content depends on your target audience.

If the target audience is more technical, you can use technical terminology and build your content on the previous knowledge of your readers. Many companies choose a more informal language for their website. A friendly and unobtrusive style appeals to most readers and makes it easier to come into direct contact with them and convince them.

Overview of the factors that make up good texts

Writing Tips

Wording & Phrasing 

Create sentences that are neutral and informative. Avoid judgmental, negative statements such as: old, outdated, problematic, error-prone...

  • Neutral: PHP version 4.1 is being replaced by PHP 5.0.
  • Negative: The old PHP version is no longer supported.

Focus on details and avoid vague sentences.

  • Detailed: For more information on load balancers, see Cloud Server > Load Balancer.
  • Vague: Log in to find further information.

Write in the active and present tense.

  • Active: Insert this code at the end of the .htaccess file.
  • Passive: The code should be inserted at the end of the .htaccess file.

Separate the steps clearly from each other.

  • Clear:
    • Select Settings > Basic Settings from the menu.
    • Click on the Applications area.
    • Now set up the new application.
  • Unclear:
    • Select Settings > Basic Settings from the menu, click on the Applications area and set up the new application.

Be brief, avoid being overly descriptive but give details that are necessary.

Sentence length

A general guideline is 12-20 words per sentence. Examples of appropriate sentence length:

  • To save disk space, delete obsolete files.
  • This figure shows the core server architecture, which consists of a network of 100 high-performance servers.
  • Depending on your settings, the data is output in table form.

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