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According to Mark Twain, writing is easy. All you have to do is leave out the wrong words.

This is especially true for text on the web. If your readers only invest a few seconds to be convinced by your content, every word has to fit.

Overview of the factors that make up good texts

Combine Style With User-Friendly Text Design

Here are several recommendations you can follow to make your website appealing and user-friendly.

Text and Fonts

For blocks of text it is best to use fonts without serifs, such as Arial or Verdana. Fonts like these are easier to read on the screen. If possible, use only one font on your website-- different fonts are acceptable when used sparingly. For example, it's fine to use use one font for your header and one for the body text.

Tip: Do not use scrolling text or animated GIF files with blinking effects and repetitions. Such movement effects can easily distract the visitor from the actual content of your website.

Line Length and Characters per Line

For easy to read texts, use about 40 - 60 characters per line. Shorter lines mean that the eye has to jump too often, which interrupts the reading flow. Lines that are too long make it difficult to jump from one line to the next.

Run lengths in direct comparison


When choosing colors, make sure that there is sufficient contrast between the font color and the background color to make the text easy to read. For example, do not use blue text on a black background or white text on a yellow background.

Tip: Stick to one color concept and do not use too many different colors. You will find various websites where you can, for example, select a basic color to obtain a color palette with matching colors, e.g. colorschemedesigner.com.

Menu / Navigation

Don't create more than seven navigation points on one level in the navigation, so your readers can keep track.

Be careful not to create too many sublevels in the navigation. All content should be accessible from your homepage within four to six clicks, otherwise there is a great danger that hardly anyone will read this content.

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