Manage Customers in the 1&1 IONOS Partner Portal

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It is said that all beginnings are difficult. Especially if you as a company want to focus on your core business and give your best for your customers on a daily basis, you will certainly not have time to deal with new, complicated tools. Accordingly, we will briefly explain the first steps within the IONOS Partner Portal. In no time you will be confidently using the integrated customer administration so you can quickly add your IONOS customers and request access to their accounts.

Create and Manage Customer Profiles

The Partner Portal offers you a brief overview of your IONOS customers: You will find all names and contact details in the respective profiles. However, these must first be created. But don't worry! Only a few simple steps are necessary for this:

  • Click the button Add customer
  • Enter your customer's name and contact details and finish the process with Add customer.
  • Optional: On your Customer page you can add a customer logo under Details. So you can see at a glance which customer it is.
  • Update data regularly: Under Show details you can change names and contact details at any time.

Just One Click Away: Request Access to the Customer Accounts

The Partner Portal should enable direct access to the customer area. To make logging in and logging out of various projects a thing of the past, your customers must first grant you access to their customer area. You benefit from secure access and complete transparency of your activities within the contract. This is how you can request access:

  • Talk to your customer about it! Clarify their concerns and answer their questions.
  • Log in to your partner portal. On your Customers page, click Show details to open the corresponding customer profile.
  • Click Connect to customer.
  • If your customer's email address is already saved, complete the process with Send access request.
  • Your customer will receive an email with your access request. They must log in using the link in the email.

With these simple steps, you can maximize the benefits of your Partner Portal. You will find even more interesting facts about the advantages of the Partner Portal here.

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