Cloud Panel Firewalls for Cloud Servers

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Cloud Panel Firewalls for Cloud Servers

Before configuring firewalls in the Cloud Panel, please review the following information to ensure that you can access your server safely.

Default Configuration

Servers that have been set up recently, contain a predefined configuration. The default status is "all ports blocked". The following ports are open:

Port 22 (SSH) 80 (HTTP) 3389 (RDP) 8443 (Plesk)  
Linux x x   x  
Windows   x x x  
ICMP packages (Ping/Traceroute) are dropped frequently. If you want your server to be reached by Ping, a new configuration has to be put in place to allow ICMP.

The firewall is always activated

By default, the firewall is always activated and rejects connections. Currently, this cannot be changed, which means the following:

  • All connections that are not expressly allowed, will be blocked.
  • You will need at least one configuration for your server to be reached. If you remove all configurations, the server will no longer be accessible.

Define new Configurations

Only one configuration can be assigned to a server, but the default configuration cannot be changed or deleted. You can create a user-defined configuration and use it instead of the default configuration.

In your Cloud Panel you can create a new configuration under Firewall Policies. If only certain ports are to be open, select the default policy All ports blocked and enter the ports you want remain open. Then assign the new configuration to a server. You can also to assign one configuration to numerous servers.