SSL and HTTPS at a glance

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The prerequisite for encryption with SSL is an SSL certificate that you connect to a domain. With this certificate your website will be confirmed by a trustworthy institution. The SSL certificate enables an encrypted HTTPS connection between your website and your visitors' browsers. This ensures secure and encrypted data transmission. Third parties cannot read the data transmitted in this way.

Comparison of unencrypted and encrypted data transmission, advantages of encrypted data transmission

The most important information

  • SSL certificates allow the encryption of important, confidential data and are therefore a prerequisite for successful eCommerce and successful websites.
  • Your visitors can easily recognize HTTPS connections and SSL encryption in their browser.
  • SSL encryption increases the security of your website and creates trust that visitors can convert into customers.
  • SSL encryption improves the placement of your site in Google search results.

Therefore, we recommend that you secure your website with SSL. You only need a few minutes for this.