Change Cloud Server Operating System

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There are many possible reasons why you may want to change the operating system on a Cloud Server. You may wish to upgrade to a newer version, require a different Linux distribution, or switch between Windows Server and Linux. Learn the best way to accomplish this transition, based on your needs.


  • A Cloud Server (any operating system)

If You Do Not Have Data You Wish to Save

The easiest way to change to a different operating system is to reinstall the Cloud Server. However, this will delete ALL data on the server. Reinstalling the image will delete any settings you have customized, users you have created, data you have uploaded, programs you have installed, etc.

To reinstall the image, log in to the Cloud Panel. Go to Infrastructure > Servers and select the server you wish to change. Click Actions > Reinstall Image and follow the steps to install a new operating system image on the server.

If You Have Data You Wish to Save

If you have data on the server you wish to save, we recommend that you take the following steps to change to a different operating system:

  • Create a new Cloud Server with the desired operating system.
  • Migrate your data and website(s) to the new server.
  • Delete the old Cloud Server.

This is an easy and affordable way to change to a different operating server without losing any of your data.