VMware Tools for Cloud Server

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Find out how to check which version of VMware Tools you are currently using and to verify the process status.

VMware Tools is a collection of programs and device drivers that allow your Cloud Server to run smoothly. Installed directly on guest operating systems, they improve not only the performance of your server, but offer you additional functions that simplify the administration of a virtual machine (VM).


The tools are pre-installed in our standard images. If the Tools are missing, you can install them through the DVD-Drive function (e.g. after a ISO installation).

Verify installed Version


:~# vmware-toolbox-cmd -v (build-1280544)

Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and click on VMware Tools. The version will be stated in the About section.

Are the VmWare Tools running?


:~# status vmware-tools
vmware-tools start/running

Check the Task Manager to see if the vmtoolsd.exe process (VMware Tools Core Service) is running.