GDPR compliant spam protection for WordPress

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The anti-spam plugin Akismet has already been criticized in the past for giving data protection a rather low priority. In fact, it sends spam check comments, including personal data, directly to Automattic.

Strong alternatives such as Antispam Bee show that good spam protection is also possible with careful, GDPR-compliant handling of data.

In order to better protect our users from possible warnings, we have provisionally decided to no longer 1&1 App Centership Akismet as part of our WordPress installations via the As an alternative we install Antispam Bee instead. Of course it is up to each user to install Akismet himself and to add plugins like Akismet Privacy Policies to be GDPR compliant.

Switch to Antispam Bee

If you already have WordPress installed and would like to switch from Akismet to Antispam Bee, please proceed as follows:

  • Open the admin area of your website at
  • To disable Akismet, click Plugins, and then click Akismet Anti-Spam > Deactivate.
  • To install Antispam Bee, click on Plugins > Install and search for antispam bee
  • Click Install Now
  • After installation, click Activate.
Antispam Bee Installation

After the activation you can adjust Antispam Bee in the menu under Settings > Antispam Bee.

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