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Publish to Schedule allows you to automatically publish your posts at a later time. The plugin allows you to publish your posts regularly and always at the same time. This allows you to adapt to your readers and publish contributions at the times when your website has the most visitors.

If several authors write for your website, Publish to Schedule helps you to distribute your contributions optimally and to use them effectively.

Customize publishing times

  • Install and activate the plugin Publish to Schedule in your WordPress admin area.
  • To adjust your publishing times, select Settings > Publish to Schedule from the main menu.
  • Specify on which days how many contributions may be published. To do this, enter the number of contributions per weekday in the input fields:
Publish to Schedule

If you do not want any contributions to be published on certain days, enter 0 in the input field.

Next, you determine the times at which your contributions may be published. To determine the time span, you must specify a start and end time for the publication.

Post automatically or immediately

To automatically publish your post at a later time, first create a new post. The editor will now determine the next possible time to publish your contribution based on your settings. If you agree with the suggested day and time, click on Pub. to Schedule.

Publish with Publish to Schedule

If you want to bypass this setting, publish your contribution directly. In the Publish widget, choose Publish Now > Edit and set the current date and time for publishing. Your default options will be overwritten with these settings and the post will appear immediately after you publish it on your website.

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5 Replies

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Got this for my wordpress site

One last thing my whatsapp dp website is not comfortable with that.

One last thing my whatsapp dp website is not comfortable with that.

Hello and thanks for the great site. I’ve been running some WP sites for a few years and I always come to WPBeginner ( for quality and concise information.

The sites I’ve built have been fine with static pages but one client (my wife) wants to add a blog to her martial arts site:

How do we make something that looks like the blog page on this site?

I understand how to create the post, and can add it to a menu, but do not know how to make a page with the chronological list of posts.

Is this a feature of the specific theme? I am using Genesis and Responsive.

Thanks again, I’m sure there’s an obvious solution that I’m overlooking.


One last thing my WhatsApp Status website is not comfortable with that.

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