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Hosting distinguishes between different models. A particularly beginner-friendly variant is managed hosting. Thanks to such models, even beginners can create professional online shops or websites, since maintenance work on the servers or security updates are taken over by the hoster.

With 1&1 IONOS, the easy-to-use WordPress wizard guides you step-by-step through the installation of WordPress and the WooCommerce plug-in. You benefit from the latest and most powerful technology, fast transfer speeds and - thanks to SSL certificates - secure data transmission.

In simple steps to WordPress installation with WooCommerce

Thanks to the 1&1 IONOS WordPress Wizard, the plug-in can be installed with just a few clicks. With a new WordPress installation, the wizard starts automatically after the first login and is available to you on the dashboard of the WordPress user interface from the next login.

In the first step of the WordPress wizard, select one of the many online shop designs. By selecting Onlineshop, the WooCommerce plug-in is automatically installed in the background. After a short setup phase, the shop configuration continues. After entering your business data and configuring the payment and shipping options, the installation of WooCommerce is already complete.

When you create a new WordPress Web site, you are first guided through the WordPress installation. After the subsequent WordPress login, the wizard starts. If you are editing one of your existing WordPress installations under Websites & Shops, you will find the wizard on the dashboard of the WordPress user interface after logging in.

Log in and create a new websiteCreate new website or Show Websites & ShopsShow Websites & Shops

The 1&1 IONOS WordPress Assistant provides you with numerous online shop designs to choose from.
After selecting an online shop design, you continue with the WooCommerce shop configuration.

Getting Started After Installation

After the setup you will find two new areas in your WordPress user interface.

  • Manage orders and vouchers
  • Adjust settings for your online shop
  • Under Reports you will find information on orders, customers and stock and statistics on sales by date, category or product.
  • Add product Create new products and adjust inventory and shipping settings. You can set up cross-selling and up-selling via linked products.
  • Create and edit categories for your online store. With categories you can, for example, adjust the order of your products (categories) on your website.
  • Add keywords for products and add a description. Keywords help your customers find related products and can improve recommendations.
  • Add properties. With properties you can determine additional product data such as size or color and use it later in the shop sidebar.

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