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Keywords (tags) are important components of your contributions. They describe the content of your website and help to group related content. Topics that are tagged are easier for your readers and search engines to find and reach.

If you don't want to manually set keywords for each post, take a look at the free Automatic Post Tagger plugin.

Automatic Post Tagger

The plugin Automatic Post Tagger automatically assigns keywords based on your content, which you previously define in keyword lists. The keywords and signal words you specify are stored and can be applied to any of your posts. This saves you a lot of time and hassle when indexing your posts and gives you more time to take care of the content of your posts.

The plugin searches your post for specific signal words and then sets keywords that match the content of the post. In the process, care is also taken to ensure that there are no duplicate keywords with different spellings.

Automatic Post Tagger

Install and customize Automatic Post Tagger

  • Select Plugins > Install from the main menu.
  • Search for Automatic Post Tagger
  • Install and activate the plugin.

The item Automatic Post Tagger now appears in the main menu under Settings. Now you can create keyword sets (keywords and signal words) or import existing sets into your WordPress website.

Under Term Name you specify a keyword that is set if the post contains signal words (Related Keywords).

The Bulk tagging tool allows you to delete, replace or revise all existing tags in just a few steps.

Define keywords and signal words

First define a keyword (Term name) and then define several signal words (Related Keywords) suitable for it. If one of these signal words appears in your post, it will be assigned the keyword you specified.

Automatic Post Tagger

If your contribution contains one of the signal words hiking, biking or kayaking, the plugin will automatically tag your contribution as Outdoor.

Assign several keywords for the same signal words

If you want more than one keyword to be assigned when the signal words mentioned above occur, then create another keyword (Term Name) with the same signal words (Related keywords). If one of the signal words appears in your contribution, both keywords will be set. Thematically similar keywords can now be combined in Configuration groups.

Automatic Post Tagger

As soon as you publish your contribution, the appropriate keywords are automatically assigned to your contribution.

Make settings for Automatic Post Tagger

We recommend that you keep the default setting of Automatic Post Tagger, as it ensures the optimal functioning of this plugin. If you still want to make a change, you can do so under Settings> Automatic Post Tagger.

For example, you can define a keyword limit for individual posts, make backup settings, define analysis areas for keyword assignment and much more.

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