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A well done contact form does not only allow your visitors to contact you! It is a valuable tool for you to manage enquiries and to understand the needs and wishes of your visitors through surveys and predefined answers.

A good form makes it easy for your visitor to give important feedback and allows you to evaluate it quickly and accurately.

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress plugins for contact forms.

Creating Contact Forms with Contact Form 7

Prerequisite: Contact Form 7 Managed WordPressis already pre-installed in Contact. If you are using a different version of WordPress, you must first install Contact Form 7 manually. How to install a plugin manually is explained in the article: Installing WordPress Plugins. You can either install Contact Form 7 directly via your WordPress-Admin or download it here and install it manually.

  • Enable Contact Form 7 in your WordPress Admin area under Plugins
  • Then the menu item Forms appears in the left sidebar.
  • Choose Main Menu > Forms, then click Add New
  • Give your contact form a title!

That's good to know: Changes to contact forms are automatically applied to all posts in which you use the form.

Customize content

By default, your contact form has a field for the name, e-mail address, message subject, message, and a button to submit the form. If these fields are not enough for you, you can easily add fields like reCaptcha, options, checkboxes or a quiz and customize your contact form.

Standard contact form with Contact Form 7
Create surveys and sweepstakes

This setting is especially interesting if you want to find out what your readers think about your website or any other topic you can think of, or if you want to add sweepstakes to your site.

The drop-down menu offers multiple answers and is especially useful for surveys where you can give more than one answer. To do this, select the drop-down menu field and insert all the possible answers for this survey.

Checkboxes are an alternative to the selection menu. These offer the visitor in the form of horizontally aligned answers, also a multiple selection.

You use radio buttons to integrate a survey or a raffle in which your visitors have to choose an answer option.

With the help of a quiz, you can add raffles to your website. In order to participate in this competition, your visitors must give a correct answer to a question that you have submitted.

Complete survey with reCAPTCHA and submit button

You use reCAPTCHA to protect yourself from spam messages from computers or misuse of your website. Visitors must legitimize themselves as human beings by recognizing and entering two distorted and illegible words.

At the end of a contact form, add a submit button to allow you to submit the form. You can use the following code to insert a condition, the tuning of which enables the form to be sent:

[acceptance accept-this] Check here if you accept these terms

The form can only be sent if your visitor accepts the condition you have specified. These conditions can be AGB, data protection declarations etc..

Examples checkbox, selection menu and much more.

Tip: If multiple answers are to be possible, use : Selection menu, Checkbox. If you prefer only one answer, then use: Quiz, Radio Buttons, reCAPTCHA

Contact Form 7 drop-down menu

Insert contact forms in your post

As soon as you have created and saved your contact form, copy the short code that appears below the title.

Copy contact form code

Now insert the code into a new or already existing post under which your contact form should appear.

Insert code in post

Customize email, error messages, and additional settings

Directly above the form editor you will find the tabs E-Mail, Messages and Additional Settings. Here you can customize settings for e-mail and error messages and add code snippets.

Make email settings

In the E-mail Settings area, you specify the e-mail address to which the form is to be sent and the contents of this e-mail. If you do not adjust this setting, Contact Form 7 will use the email address associated with your user.

If you want the sender of the contact form to receive a confirmation e-mail, activate e-mail (2). You can either enter a text in the text field yourself or use the default text.

Write confirmation mail
Adapt message texts

If your visitor has not filled out all mandatory fields, there is a problem with the server or other errors prevent the sending of his contact form, short notes appear at the appropriate place in the form.

You can adjust these in the Messages area.

Customize messages

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