Install and manage WordPress plugins

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With plugins you can extend your WordPress installation very flexibly. Plugins are available for many categories. An overview of the plugins can be found on Here you will find plugins for eCommerce, SEO, forms, navigation elements, social networks, media management and security.

This article shows you how to install, update, disable and delete plugins.

Plugins - A short video overview

A short video on how to install, disable and delete plugins can be found here.

Search and activate plugins in your WordPress installation

Install Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Enter the desired search term in the search field
Search Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard

Optional: To view a description of the plug-in, click More Details.

  • Click Install.
  • To use the plugin, click on Actuate this plugin
Activate Plugin in WordPress Dashboard

The plugin is activated.

Install already downloaded plugins

You have already downloaded the desired plugin and want to use it now?

Plugin Upload in WordPress Dashboard
  • Click Browse
Select Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Select the ZIP file that you downloaded and choose Open.
  • Click Install Now. The plugin will be installed.
  • Click on Actuate this plugin
Activate Plugin in WordPress Dashboard

The plugin is activated.

Disable plugins

Disable plugins in the WordPress dashboard

The plugin is deactivated.

Delete plugins

Tip: You cannot delete active plug-ins. You must deactivate a plugin before you can delete it.

  • In the WordPress Dashboard, click Plugins
  • Select the Delete action for the desired plugin.
  • Confirm with Yes to delete these files.

The plugin is deleted.

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