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You can no longer log in to the admin area of your website and password recovery via e-mail does not work?

Don't worry, in such cases you can change your admin password with phpMyAdmin in the database.

You can access the database via the customer area of your webhoster. As a 1&1 IONOScustomer you can access your databases Control Panelwith phpMyAdmin.

  • Open the database of your WordPress website with phpMyAdmin. Open phpMyAdmin

    The database of your WordPress website is defined in the file wp-config.php.
  • Access your web space via sFTP
  • Connection data for secure FTP at a glance
  • Open the file wp-config.php in the WordPress directory and search for DB_NAME.
  • You should now see the following entry:
define('DB_NAME', 'datenbankname-meiner-wordpress-website');
  • Open the table prefix_user
  • Search for your user and at the beginning of the line, choose Edit
  • In the user_pass field, delete the hash value.
  • In the user_pass field, enter your new password as a hash value.
  • To create a hash, you can use the md5 hash generator, for example.
Edit phpMyAdmin user
  • Select Save > OK.

You can now log in to your WordPress Web site with your new password (not the password hash).

Alternative: Reset password via e-mail

If you do not want to work with hash values, you can update your e-mail address in the table tabellenpräfix_user under user_email and then reset your password via e-mail in the logon window of your WordPress Web site.

Edit user's e-mail

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