WordPress 5.2.1 released - [Update]

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After the last release of WordPress 5.0.3 was rather a maintenance version, now follows the first larger release: WordPress 5.1

This new version has - besides numerous bugfixes, feature requests etc. - a lot of new features. - essentially two new functions: The health function and a significant improvement of the preforance of the block editor.

If you manage WordPress yourself, you can install WordPress 5.1 in your admin area - for our ManagedWordPress customers we will of course do it for you.

Health features

WordPress was developed with PHP - so it is not surprising that the PHP support in WordPress is exemplary.

WordPress 5.1 introduces the "Health function" with the aim of further improving security and speed: WordPress warns the website administrator if outdated and no longer supported PHP versions are used on the website. In addition, WordPress checks when installing new plug-ins if PHP versions are used that are outdated or no longer compatible. WordPress also warns the website administrator and prevents the installation of the affected plugin. PlugIns now also have a "display" that specifies the minimum requested PHP version. This is checked and displayed by WordPress before installation. In addition, WordPress 5.1 has a white screen protection feature. This successfully prevents the feared error that WordPress administrators could no longer log into your website.

For our ManagedWordPress customers, 1&1 IONOS will of course install the update for you.

Block editor

In WordPress 5.1, the Block Editor "feels" much faster and the Block Editor's response during text input has also been accelerated. Further features and performance enhancements are planned in the upcoming WordPress versions - we will report on this in further articles.

Bugfixes, enhancements and other changes

In addition to the health function and the improvement in the block editor, the following changes have been made:

  • About 303 bugfixes
  • 156 enhancements
  • 9 feature requests
  • 23 additional tasks

Further details can be found directly on the official wordpress.org website: Go to page

[Update March 13, 2019] - WordPress 5.1.1 released

The current version 5.1.1 mainly deals with the changes introduced in 5.1. and also contains some changes that will help operators prepare their users for the minimum PHP release spurt coming in 5.2. It also contains bugfixes and bug fixes.

You can view the complete list of changes here .

Our 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPressCustomers receive the new version automatically. Customers who manage their WordPress installation themselves can now install the new version themselves: WordPress release 5.1.1

[Update May 07, 2019] - WordPress 5.2 released

On 7th of May 2019 the current version of WordPress 5.2 was released. Besides many small improvements "below the surface", these are the most important changes:

  • The new function, which shows the state of the website, has been further improved.
  • Plugins are no longer updated when the website is running on a PHP version that is not supported.
  • It is now clearly visible when a website is in restore mode
  • The button for distraction-free writing now has no influence on the keyboard navigation in the classic editor.
  • Assistive technologies enable better identification of submenus in the admin bar
  • Subject lines in WordPress emails are now consistent
  • Exports of personal data are not marked as completed until the user has downloaded his data.
  • Further improvements in accessibility have been made

As always, our 1&1 IONOSManaged WordPresscustomers receive the new version automatically. Customers who manage their WordPress installation themselves can now install the new version themselves: WordPress Release 5.2

[Update May 22, 2019] - WordPress 5.2.1 released

On 21.05.2019 the current version of WordPress 5.2.1 was released. In this version 32 bugs were fixed, some of them classified as important and critical. Further improvements have been made to the editor and accessibility.

Details about the fixed bugs can be found in the official WorePress blog.

Our 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress customers will receive the new version automatically as usual. Customers who manage their WordPress installation themselves can now install the new version themselves: WordPress-Release 5.2.1

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