HTTP error 500: Internal Server Error

How to fix HTTP 500 internal server error?

Error messages when surfing the net are a nuisance for everyone involved, but especially for those who have to find out what the problem is. The search for a solution can be particularly tedious if the status code message barely provides any information on the source of the error. The HTTP error 500 (“Internal Server Error”) is a collective status code. We give you tips on where errors could have...

Install MySQL-MariaDB

Install and Use MySQL/MariaDB

MySQL/MariaDB is one of the most popular relational databases. Under Linux, it is easy to install and manage via the terminal. Find out how to install Mysql with this article’s step by step instructions. We will also show you the basic commands so that you can create your first custom database. What are you waiting for?

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

With the help of managed security service providers, organizations benefit from the security expertise of experienced service providers. This results not only in better security but simultaneously reduces the overall costs. We will explain the exact services that MSSPs provide, delving into the underlying concepts of information security.

Green Hosting

Green Hosting - Climate-friendly web hosting with green electricity

Nowadays being environmentally friendly is more important than ever. But did you know that the Internet is one of the biggest CO producers of all? Green server hosting can help improve your eco-balance. Find out can be achieved in the field of eco friendly web hosting and how you can turn your web hosting climate neutral - right here.

WordPress logging

WordPress logging explained: Using a WordPress error log correctly

WordPress error logs make it easy for you to find and correct any problems. There are a range of different options for using WordPress error logs and logging errors, such as manually activating them via the wp-config.php file or using a plugin to monitor errors. In this article, we will explain how to use WordPress error logs.

WordPress debug

WordPress debug: Find errors on your site

WordPress debug mode is a safe and easy way to identify errors on your website. You can check your online presence either manually or by using a plugin. In this article, we will introduce you to WordPress debug, explain how it can help you, and reveal the best way to test your website to ensure there are no errors lurking.


ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: How to fix the error

Too many redirects! If a redirect or forwarding to a website does not work properly, your browser will inform you of this error, preventing you from getting stuck in an infinite loop. In our article, you will learn exactly what ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is, how the problem arises, and what you can do when there are simply too many redirects.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database: what it is and how it works

For enterprise IT, the database software Oracle Database is one of the market leaders. The relational database management system supports companies by storing, processing, and evaluating data in a clear and tabular way. Find out here how Oracle Database works. We also reveal the software’s advantages and disadvantages.

Remote Monitoring

What is Remote Monitoring and Management?

An in-house IT department is not the right solution for every company. More cost-effective and in many cases simply better, remote monitoring and management can be used to control and maintain systems and end devices remotely. We will explain exactly how it works and what benefits it brings. Simply read on to find out more.

Open source databases comparison

5 open source databases in comparison

Open source databases are a much cheaper and often very reliable alternative to the well-known commercial providers. Even large corporations therefore now rely on these free options. But which system is suitable for which purpose? How do open source databases perform in terms of handling large amounts of data? We created a comparison of popular databases.

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