Table of figures in Word

Create a table of figures in Word

Whether for school, university or the office, introducing tables or figures into a text makes it easier for the reader to grasp data or concepts. But if you’ve added lots of tables, it may be a good idea to insert a table of figures at the end of your Word document. A table of figures is a great way to help anyone quickly view and retrieve important information. Here’s how to insert and format a...

Merge Word Documents

Word: How to merge Word documents really easily!

Anyone who has worked with several people using a single document knows that Word can be a nightmare. Merging everything back into one document usually means a lot of copying work. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The program has several functions at your disposal that allow you to merge Word documents with just a few clicks.

Microsoft Word: Remove a watermark

How to remove a watermark in Word

Watermarks are a handy way to label documents in Microsoft Word. You can insert a watermark so that your text or your company logo sits discreetly in the background of the page. However, sometimes you might not be happy with how the watermark looks, or you don’t need the watermark at all anymore. We’ll show you two ways to remove a watermark in Word.

How to insert a watermark in Word

How to insert a watermark in Word

Sometimes you need to clearly label your document with words like “Sample,” “Draft,” “Example” or “Confidential”. In Microsoft Word, you can use watermarks to do this. This practical design tool allows you to display barely visible but impressive text or graphics that sit behind the actual text. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to insert a watermark in Word.

How to double-space in Word

How to change line spacing in Word easily

The default settings for Microsoft Word line spacing are not always enough. Fortunately, the software offers several options for customizing your documents. Unfortunately, these options are often hard to find. For example, if you want to change the line spacing in Word, you might have to search for this. We’ll help you find this feature so you can learn how to double-space in Word and more.

How to delete a page in Word

How to delete a blank page in Word

Word sometimes has weird quirks: suddenly a blank page appears in the middle of the document for no reason and cannot be removed. You can quickly reach your (stress) limits in this kind of situation, at least when trying conventional means. But you can delete a page in Word easily, if you know how. The problem usually lies in invisible control characters.

Using the anchoring effect in marketing

Anchoring effect: boost sales through cognitive bias

You’ve almost certainly been exposed to the anchoring effect at least once in the past few days. Online stores use this psychological effect with great success – mainly because it works without consumers being aware of it. As a general rule, people have little chance of escaping it. In this article, our aim is to help you make effective use of the anchoring effect in your marketing campaigns to...

Merging PDFs

Merging PDFs: Explanation and Step-by-Step Tutorial

The PDF is one of the most popular formats for sending files. But if you email lots of individual documents, you can soon lose track of things. In this instance, it’s better to combine the different PDFs. In this article, we explain step by step which free tools are available for this purpose and how exactly PDF merging works.

Split PDF

Splitting PDFs Made Easy– Free Tools for Splitting PDFs

The PDF format is ideal for sending documents. In some cases, however, only selected pages are relevant. In this case, splitting the PDF is the optimal solution. With easy-to-operate free tools, this works quite easily and quickly. With our step-by-step introduction, separating a PDF becomes even easier.


Gamification: Using play elements to increase a company’s Success

Humans have an innate drive to play - and this doesn’t disappear after childhood, but continues throughout life. Gamification makes use of this desire to play. By implementing playful elements, companies can improve motivation, achievements, and results in nearly every business area, from training employees to customer retention.

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