How to make Excel file read only

How to make an Excel file read only: step-by-step guide

Find out how to make an Excel file read only. We’ll show you how to save an Excel file so that modifications can only be made with a password and reveal what you need to know when opening a read only Excel spreadsheet. In just a few simple steps, you can ensure that unintentional changes to your Excel files are a thing of the past!

Rotate pdf

Rotate a pdf: the best tools available for free

The PDF format is a top choice for sending and sharing documents. That’s because the format ensures a uniform display of content across all devices. To edit or rotate the view of a PDF file, you need special programs. But what exactly are your options for rotating and saving a PDF? We present the best online and offline tools.

Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs for small and large businesses

No matter the size of your business, a good customer retention strategy will significantly contribute to your success. There are various strategies and programs that you can adopt to create close connections between your company and customers. Keep reading to find out about the various types of customer loyalty programs, including examples.

Return policy

Return policy: Definition, templates, and examples

Buying products online, trying them on at home, and sending them back if they don’t fit: Customers love making use of return policies. However, what exactly your return policy looks like is entirely up to you. Keep reading to find out what a return policy is, what you should include in yours, and what other companies put in theirs.

Sell photos online

Sell photos online: Here’s how to make money by selling pictures online

Take high-quality pictures, upload them online and earn money with them - sounds simple, right? The reality is not as straightforward, but the Internet allows professionals and amateurs alike to sell photos online. Two well-known methods are having your own website or using stock photo platforms. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell your photos online and what to consider.

How to search a PDF

How to search a PDF: A step-by-step guide

PDFs are some of the most frequently used documents. They likely appear in all areas of your life - in your private life, at school, or at work. To make it easier to work with PDF texts, PDF readers and browsers offer a search feature, but how does it work? Keep reading our dedicated article to find out how to search a PDF.

Password-protect Excel

Password-protect your Excel files

Why should you password-protect your data in Excel? Excel documents often contain sensitive information or formulas that shouldn’t be read or edited by unauthorized persons. When you password-protect an Excel spreadsheet, you decide who gets to view or amend your content. As long as you use a secure password, even modern technologies won’t be able to crack it. We'll show you how to get set up....

The best TV boxes

TV boxes in comparison: quick streaming at the touch of a button

A TV box is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to stream movies and series from online providers as well as standard TV channels – without sacrificing the enjoyment of a large screen. TV boxes provide all streaming services and TV channels in one device. But which TV box is best for your needs? We compare the best TV boxes available in 2022.

Gender marketing: definition and implementation

What is gender marketing?

What makes men and women tick? As we know, it’s not always the same thing. Advertisers have long been aware of the fact that gender marketing has become a central aspect of the image of many businesses but how does it work in practice? In this guide, we demonstrate how entrepreneurs and advertisers can benefit from using gender-based marketing in your promotion strategy.

Dropshipping Plugins

The best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins

Dropshipping makes it easy for WooCommerce merchants to get started in eCommerce – no large upfront investments needed. However, you’ll need a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin with various dropshipping features to set up your store. Find out more about the most helpful dropshipping plugins, their advantages and disadvantages.

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