unlock Word document

Unlocking a Word document

How do you unlock a Word document? So long as you have the right password at hand, it’s child's play to unlock a Word file for editing. The individual steps will depend on the Office version you are using. And in case you don’t remember the password, there’s a simple trick to help unprotect your Word document. Here's everything you need to know.

Excel: median function

Excel: median function: explained with practical examples

The median indicates the middle number in a group of existing numbers. It is also known as the central value. If you do not want to measure the average, but instead are looking for the central value in a series of numbers ordered by size, just use the Excel median function. The median function can be applied to groups of numbers of any size, even or odd.

Rotate videos

Rotate videos: it’s simple with these tools

The video looks perfect on your smartphone, but on your computer, it’s upside down or vertical. No problem, because with the right program, you can rotate a video in just a few clicks. Find out which video software you can use to rotate videos and how it works here.


XLSB: just what is an XLSB file in Excel?

The spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel handles a lot of different file formats. Excel spreadsheets can be saved not only as the usual XLSX format but also as XLSB files. But what actually are XLSB files and what are they used for? This article will give you all the information you need about the XLSB file extension and how to use it.

Dropshipping providers

The best dropshipping providers

If you want to launch a dropshipping business, you have to start looking for a manufacturer or wholesaler who will work as your so-called dropshipping provider. There are both national and international providers you can partner with as your dropshipping supplier and link them to your online store via a plugin.

Working as a team

Working as a team: How teamwork leads to success

A good team consists of more than a handful of employees: openness, exchange and the right framework conditions are just some of the decisive factors for successful working in a team. Once a team is established, it’s not just the individual staff that benefit, but the company as a whole. Find out what characterizes good teamwork and how to work in a team for maximum success.


Web3 – a new Internet revolution?

The Internet has been subject to constant innovation since its very inception. One future concept that’s currently being pursued by Silicon Valley masterminds is called Web3 and is based on the blockchain. The idea behind Web3 is to democratize the Internet and free it from monopolies. Find out what’s behind Web3 and how the new concept fits into the history of the Internet.

Connect a computer to a TV

Connecting a computer to a TV: A few things to observe

Regardless of whether it is an online video on a flat screen, a large-format presentation, or pictures from a cell phone on an HD TV; with a connection between a PC and television, content can easily be viewed on a larger screen. Our step-by-step instructions explain how to connect a PC to a TV, whether you will need a cable or Bluetooth, and which technical requirements must be met.

Opera GX – Gaming browser

Opera GX – The gaming browser in check

Opera GX is the variant of the popular Opera browser carefully tailored to the demands of gamers. In addition to an individual design, the Special Edition is characterized by many practical functions and well-structured news feeds, among other things. We have summarized the gaming browser’s most important features and innovations for you.

Nonprofit marketing: Success with social marketing

Nonprofit marketing: marketing for a good cause

Nonprofit organizations use advertising to successfully market their products. In contrast to profit organizations, however, they are not interested in big money, but in the successful outcome of their social project. Advertising for a good cause – that’s nonprofit marketing. However, there is still competition in this market. Here we explain what nonprofit marketing is, and how to make your own...

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