AlmaLinux: What does the new Linux distribution offer?

AlmaLinux: Everything you need to know about the Linux operating system

AlmaLinux is a free Linux distribution that is binary compatible with RHEL and was designed as a direct successor to CentOS. The operating system has been developed in close cooperation with the community and there are no licenses. Keep reading to find out more about AlmaLinux, what advantages it offers, and what other Linux distributions are recommended.

openSUSE Leap

openSUSE Leap: What does this Linux distribution do?

The Linux distribution, openSUSE Leap, has been impressing users worldwide for several years now. We’ll discuss what the operating system offers, for whom the Linux variant is suitable, and which advantages openSUSE Leap has. We will also look into the other Linux distributions that openSUSE offers. Read on to find out more.

Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux: How good is the successor to CentOS?

Rocky Linux is due to become the successor to CentOS, along with AlmaLinux. The operating system has been available since 2021 and has received good reviews thus far. Keep reading to find out exactly what Rocky Linux is, which advantages and disadvantages this Linux distribution offers, and which fields the system is best suited to.

How to uninstall programs in Windows 10

How to uninstall programs in Windows 10

Many programs and apps in Windows 10 are required for Microsoft’s operating system to function. On the other hand, there are some applications which are not necessary to have on your device and only serve to take up valuable memory space. Therefore, it makes sense to uninstall these programs and apps to free up some storage space. Uninstalling programs in Windows 10 usually only takes a few...

Install Portainer under Docker

Portainer under Docker: How to install

The age of container virtualization has turned the software world upside down. From Docker to Kubernetes, containers and the orchestrators built on top of them have become widespread. The resulting complexity is quickly outgrowing even professional teams. Kubernetes management solutions have established themselves as the next level of abstraction. Portainer is now competing with trailblazer...

Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11: Practical overview

The keyboard shortcuts which are available in Windows 11 and in older versions of Windows are a convenient way to open Windows Settings and perform various actions. Many shortcuts in Windows 10 and 11 have remained the same, but there have been some changes to several shortcuts. We will be providing you with an overview of all the important keyboard shortcuts.

Flush DNS

Flush DNS: how to clear your DNS cache

Operating systems, such as Windows or macOS, automatically save information about address resolution from systems and applications in the network in a DNS cache. The purpose of this practical cache is to speed up network traffic. Read on to find out why it’s useful to regularly clear the DNS cache and how exactly such a DNS flush works.

Clear DNS cache

Clear DNS cache: how to empty the DNS resolver cache

Operating systems tend to collect various information on user surfing behavior on the World Wide Web in a so-called DNS cache. First and foremost, this cache gives a good overview of your web history. However, the stored entries can also cause connection problems. We will show you how to clear the DNS cache (as a user of Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Downgrade Windows 11 to 10

Downgrade Windows 11 to 10: how to uninstall Windows 11

Is Windows 11 taking up too much of your device’s resources? Or perhaps you preferred working in Windows 10? Whatever your reasons, it is possible to downgrade from Windows 11 to 10 within the first few days after an upgrade and switch back to the previous version. Find out how to uninstall Windows 11 after the end of a trial period.

Windows 11 Hibernate Mode

Enable and disable Windows 11 hibernate mode

Want to shut down your computer, but keep it active for a quick restart? Windows 11 comes with an interesting alternative to the better-known “energy-saving” mode. However, the hibernation mode is usually disabled by default. Read our guide to find out how to unlock Windows 11 hibernate mode and use its power-saving features.

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