How to speed up my Mac

How to speed up my Mac: the best tips

Increase computing power and improve your user experience by making your Mac run faster! Over time, some Macs can slow down which may disrupt your workflow. Desktop memory can fill up quickly and often unnecessary background programs are to blame. But that needn’t be the case. We show you a few simple tricks, how you can speed up your Mac.

Add a user in Windows 11

Windows 11: Add user – here’s how

Do you need more than one user account in Windows 11? Adding new users is the easiest solution when sharing a device with other people. Optionally, you can create a new account in the Settings section, using password management or the Microsoft system prompt. In this article we’ll show you how it works.

Change Linux password

Change your Linux password easily

Like any operating system, Linux protects all user accounts with a password. You can change your Linux password if required to always keep your account secure. Learn how you or other users can get a new password in just a few steps, and how to make a user change their Linux password the next time they log in.

Mac: uninstall applications

How to uninstall an application on your Mac – here’s how

Free up space on your Mac’s hard drive and delete applications you don’t need (anymore) with just a few clicks. Our step-by-step instructions including screenshots will take you through the options you have via the Launchpad and Finder to delete an installed Mac application.

Linux Echo command

Linux echo command: Examples and explanation

How does the bash echo command work in Linux? How can you use it to output text and other information? Learn everything about the syntax of this popular and useful command, how it is used, what the control characters for “echo” are, and how to use it to specify colors and other text properties.

Speed up Windows 11

Speed up Windows 11: 9 tips to boost speed

Operating systems like Windows 11 are the most important software running on a computer. But when using your device over a long period of time its performance could steadily deteriorate. Read on to find out how to speed up Windows 11 and minimize the impact of the operating system on overall performance.

Screen capture Windows 11

Screen capture in Windows 11: here’s how it works

To record video clips of desktop applications or games, Microsoft users don’t need any additional software. Much like Windows 10, Windows 11 comes preinstalled with a native recording tool, the Xbox Game Bar. Read on to find out how to create screen recordings in Windows 11 using the tool.

Change username Windows 11

How to change your username in Windows 11

No longer happy with the name of your Windows 11 account? Or maybe the operating system shows the previous owner's login details? It’s easy as 1-2-3 to change a username in Windows 11 – whether for a local account or your Microsoft account. We’ll show you how step by step.

How to find the Windows 11 product key

How to find the Windows 11 product key

To use Windows 11 with all its available features, you need to activate the operating system. The same applies when upgrading to the Pro Edition. In many cases this requires the product key which you can find either on the device or in your documentation or confirmation email. If none of these options are available, you can find the Windows 11 product key by using the command line or Windows...

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