Full backup

Full backup – definition of a full backup

You may have previously experienced one of the following scenarios: your computer got wet, you dropped a hard drive, or your server was hacked. Now the damage is done. Disbelievingly, the expert you called asks: “Don’t you have a backup?” Though creating a complete backup of all of your data can take a long time, it’s definitely worth it. We explain everything you need to know here.

Differential backup

Differential backup – how it works

What is a differential backup? Explore a definition of differential backups, their features and advantages as part of our series on backup methods and strategies. With differential backups only the changes since the last full backup are stored. This saves time and storage space. We explain how differential backups work and when they should be used.


What is LDAP: Definition and explanation

What is LDAP and how does it differ from Active Directory? The LDAP Protocol is a lightweight variant of the DAP (Directory Access Protocol). With LDAP, directories can be searched in large quantities for data, information, devices, and resources. The basic idea behind LDAP is to quickly browse or make changes to a server-wide distributed directory tree.

Create Last Oasis private server

Create a Last Oasis private server – system requirements and tutorial

In Last Oasis you travel through the desert in search of resources and challenges to escape the burning sun. When sharing in the fun with friends and acquaintances, a Last Oasis private server is recommended. Read on to explore the best hosting and installation tips and find out all you need to know to set up your Last Oasis dedicated server.

Broadcast address

What is a broadcast address?

When you direct data packets to the broadcast address, the data packet is sent from a single point to an entire network without you having to specify any recipients. We explain what exactly the broadcast IP is and how it is composed. In addition, our article explains how you can calculate the broadcast address. Read on for more.


What is a broadcast and how does it work?

The IP addresses of all participants in a network are not always known. If you still want to send information to all devices, you can use the broadcast method to do so. The recipients of a broadcast are free to decide how to use the transmitted data. What exactly is behind a broadcast and how does this technology work?

Discord alternatives

Discord alternatives: The main pros and cons

Discord is popular as a voice and messaging app for online community hangouts. With a Discord server, you use can chat via audio and texting to exchange ideas with friends and peers. If you’re looking for text and voice apps for a professional corporate presence or with more security, you can opt for a Discord alternative. We present the best ones here!

Install SteamCMD

SteamCMD: how to install the command line client

SteamCMD is the command line version of the well-known Steam client. Once you connect to a gaming platform, you can use the tool to download dedicated server applications for games, among other things. Learn how to download SteamCMD and how to install the software on Windows and Linux in our handy article on the topic.

EPS file

EPS files: Everything you should know about the EPS format

The EPS file format was developed in 1987 so that graphics and images could be displayed on desktops and printed without loss. Today, the format is considered too limited and is therefore rarely used. We take a closer look at what Encapsulated PostScript is and which programs you can use to open an EPS file. Let’s get started.


Cryptomining: meaning, function, and dangers

Cryptos are the new gold. Unsurprisingly then that cryptomining evokes some association to the historical gold rush. The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has led to tremendous hype surrounding digital money and cryptomining. Mining, in this case, refers to the mining or verification of cryptos through computing power and cryptominers. Read on to learn about the function and the dangers of...

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