ESXi: What it is and why it’s useful

The native hypervisor ESXi enables you to create entire virtual server environments simply and securely. Since ESXi doesn’t need its own underlying operating system, it’s very efficient with resources and space. Keep reading our article to find out what ESXi is, the advantages it brings with it, and what it’s used for.

Create Arma 3: Server

Arma 3 Server: Requirements and Tutorial

Since its official release in September 2013, the military simulation game Arma 3 has had many updates and expansions from its developer. This is not the only reason why the game is still one of the most popular members of the genre on Steam. The diverse multiplayer options add to this popularity. In the following guide, we will answer the question of how to create your own Arma 3 server.

What is latency?

What is latency?

A response as close to real time as possible is often what we expect from online games and websites. But long transmission paths and other factors slow down the data flow — we are talking about high latency. Exactly what latency is, how it is caused and what users can do to improve their latency on the Internet in particular, you will find out here.

ASCII-Codes | Overview of all characters on the ASCII table

ASCII: explanation and examples

Every day we work with text on PCs, smartphones, and tablets and expect letters, numbers, and characters to appear on the monitor before us. The fact is that there is a decades-old coding system behind this everyday function. Since the 1960s, ASCII has determined how computers interpret our input. We explain how ASCII code works.

ASCII table

ASCII table with PDF download

ASCII character encoding is extensive and used across various fields for computers to draw on the binary system to represent various characters correctly. To find out which binary representation relates to which character, consult the ASCII chart. Read on to learn what you need to know about the ASCII table and how to convert numbers to ASCII characters by hand.

.asc files

What is .asc and what is it used for?

.asc is used for secure communication and for controlling ActionScripts in Flash applications. .asc files are easy to work with and can be opened by numerous text editors. We explain everything you need to know about .asc and its uses, including what .asc files are, how to open them, and what to do when an .asc file doesn’t open.

What is UPnP?

UPnP: What is UPnP and how does it work?

Play videos from your PC on your smart TV or access music across devices? That’s no problem with UPnP. A UPnP server works based on an IP network - this means that every device networked via UPnP needs an IP. This can be smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, printers, or speakers. We’ll explain how to use UPnP to connect your devices.

What is a hub?

Hubs: what are they and how do they work?

Hubs are becoming less common in the construction of networks. For various reasons, these network devices are being replaced by the more modern switches. Nevertheless, it pays to know about them. In this article, you can learn what a hub is, how it works, and what advantages and disadvantages the technology has compared to its successor.

Redis in Docker Containers

Using Redis in Docker containers

Redis is a NoSQL database that can be used within a Docker container to back up data. Thanks to its fast performance, it is perfectly suited for use with the popular container software Docker. This article explains how you can use Redis and Docker together and connect them in the terminal. Read on to find out how this works.

Docker Container Volumes

Understanding and managing Docker container volumes

Software for managing containers makes working with Linux containers significantly easier. You can not only transfer files between containers but also save files from containers. This article shows you how you can effectively manage containers using Docker container volumes, including extensive Docker volumes examples.

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