What is filesharing?

What is filesharing?

Filesharing is when you share documents, music, videos, images, etc. on computer networks or obtain such content from other users. But what exactly is file sharing? And what are the different ways of sharing files with other people on the Internet and other networks? Everything you need to know about file sharing can be found here.

Openshift vs. Docker

OpenShift vs. Docker

When it comes to virtualization technologies, OpenShift and Docker are at extreme ends of the spectrum. Docker is a basic container technology while OpenShift is a powerful application and development platform. Nevertheless, we’ve drawn up a comparison of the two and you can read all about their pros and cons in this article on openshift vs docker. As you may have guessed already: both are...

Windows 10 God Mode

Activate Windows 10 God Mode - step by step

The Windows Control Panel is used to manage hardware, software, updates, audio devices, and much more in Windows. However, the control panel with its hierarchies and categories is somewhat confusing, so you may have to search for a long time. It gets easier with the Windows God Mode. We explain how the Windows 10 God Mode simplifies access to the Control Panel.

Docker commands

Docker commands

Docker commands are used to control the Docker engine on a local host. When entered via the command line, they are translated into API calls to the Docker daemon. Docker commands can be used to manage images, containers, and volumes. If you tend to work with the software regularly, it is worth knowing a wide range of Docker commands.

Satisfactory dedicated server

Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Hosting and Setup

Players from all over the world are having lots of fun with the factory-building game, Satisfactory, in the early access phase. If you don’t want to play the game alone, you can also join in the adventure with friends and acquaintances on a specially hosted Satisfactory server, for example. What are the requirements for this? And how do you create a Satisfactory dedicated server?

OpenShift vs. OpenStack _________________________________________________________________________________

OpenShift vs. OpenStack

OpenShift vs. OpenStack: even though their names sound similar, the two are very different. While OpenStack is used to create virtualized cloud infrastructures based on distributed hardware, OpenShift is all about application containers. Read more about the similarities and differences between these tools and how you can successfully combine them.

OpenShift alternatives

OpenShift alternatives

With OpenShift, Red Hat pioneered Kubernetes management solutions. Now, large companies use the software to distribute applications and development environments. But this sort of power comes with huge complexity. Fortunately, a number of exciting (and simplified) OpenShift alternatives exist. Read on to find out more.

Private vs. public cloud

Public cloud vs. private cloud: cloud models explained

No two clouds are the same. Anyone looking to use cloud services will soon ask themselves the question: public cloud vs. private cloud – which cloud model is better suited to my purposes? The answer to this depends on your individual requirements. Here, we explore the differences between the two cloud types as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

HPC – High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing: how HPC solutions work

High Performance Computing is also known as supercomputing and refers to powerful computing. HPC solutions use specific technologies to handle computationally intensive tasks and process large amounts of data. For this, parallel computing processes and aggregated systems are used. Find out more about HPC and which processes are available here.

What is Docker?

Docker – the revolutionary container technology

The Docker virtualization solution has transformed application development. In some cases, standardized containers are used to create gigantic clusters of loosely coupled microservices. They run as distributed swarms across system and infrastructure boundaries. Special tools and workflows are used to deal with the resulting complexity.

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