Docker images

Docker images

When learning about Docker platforms, you often come across these terms again and again: Docker container, Docker image, and Dockerfile. It isn’t easy to keep track of these things as the differences between the concepts are very subtle. In our series of guides, we explain how the individual components of the Docker ecosystem relate to one another. In this guide, you will find out what exactly a...

Ray tracing

What is ray tracing? The graphics technique explained!

Computer games are becoming increasingly more realistic. One reason behind this is the use of ray tracing technology in real-time. Ray tracing in precalculated form has been used for years in animated films and computer games. However, graphic cards such as Nvidia’s GeForce RTS now use real-time ray tracing to create realistic reflections and shadows. In this article, we explain exactly what it is...

How to set up a Discord server

Making a Discord server – how it works!

With a Discord server, you can use multiple Discord channels at the same time and add bots at your leisure. A free Discord account and the Discord app are required to set up a Discord server. Once the server has been set up, you can create a server for your gaming community, for example, and then set up different channels for each game. We’ll explain it all in this guide.


What is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

An IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a chat system that allows you to communicate in writing with people anywhere in the world – in near real time. We will show you how to set up an IRC and what to bear in mind when using it. In addition, we’ll run through the advantages and disadvantages of an IRC, as well as some specific use scenarios.

Kubernetes alternatives

Kubernetes Alternatives

Kubernetes is the market leader for distributed cluster orchestrators. Interestingly, a number of alternatives exist to give Kubernetes a run for its money. These cover a wide range of possible uses. From local clusters for your own development environment to distributed systems with tens of thousands of nodes. We’ll look at Kubernetes and its alternatives here.

Discord music bot

Adding a Discord music bot

With a Discord music bot, you can listen to your favorite music, create automatic playlists, and choose music together with other users in your Discord channel. Some of the most popular music bots are Rythm bot, Groovy bot, and Hydra. Keep reading to find out how to add a Discord music bot to your server.

Intelligent edge

What is intelligent edge?

When data has to be processed in real-time, high latency or connection issues can cause big problems. With intelligent edge, the analysis and evaluation of data takes place where it is collected. This saves time and increases security. Here, we will explain exactly what intelligent edge is, how it works and what it can do for you.

Arduino projects: the best Uno and Nano projects

Arduino projects: the best microcontroller ideas

The compact Arduino microcontroller is an essential component for electronic hobbyists and has shaped the global maker movement. For over a decade, technology enthusiasts around the world have been inspired by Arduino and its range of useful and often entertaining project possibilities. Here we introduce the best Arduino Uno and Nano project ideas for beginners and the more advanced.


What is hyperthreading?

Multitasking is not only a valuable skill in everyday life. Processors that handle multiple tasks at the same time also significantly improve computer performance. That’s why Intel invented hyperthreading. Hyperthreading technology ensures that a physical processor splits into two virtual cores and performs more than one task simultaneously. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a hyper...

Raspberry Pi Zero projects

15 impressive Raspberry Pi Zero projects

There are plenty of interesting Raspberry Pi Zero projects. The even more powerful successor Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, released in 2021, allows for the development of even more elaborate applications. Read on to find out more about the 15 most exciting Raspberry Pi Zero ideas.

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