Best Android cloud apps

The 9 best Android cloud apps – securing your smartphone data


As Android smartphone users will know, a complete backup of the operating system can only be created with the internal backup function that leaves a lot to be desired. The solution? Using a cloud storage solution like Google Drive. However, if you don’t feel comfortable handing...


Nextcloud apps

Nextcloud apps: The top ten for desktop and smartphone

From the Nextcloud Talk communication tool to the online notebook Nextcloud Notes to the mobile ingredient and recipe directory Cookbook, Nextcloud offers numerous apps for desktop and smartphones. Here you can find out which ten Nextcloud apps are currently the best, what features they offer, and for whom the individual apps are particularly suitable.

Microsoft Access alternatives at a glance

Free Microsoft Access alternatives

MS Access is widely used office software and enables people with no prior programming knowledge to work with databases. The license for the program, however, is not exactly cheap. Several free alternatives to Microsoft Access promise to do essentially the same thing. But which are the best Microsoft Access alternatives? And can they actually keep up with the range of functions and standard of...

Introduction to netstat

Introduction to netstat: what is netstat and how does it work?

Various computer networks are connected with one another via the Internet. In order to build up such connections, both the sending as well as the receiving systems have to provide transfer interfaces, or ports. The command line program netstat allows you to find out which ports are opened by your own system and which active connections exist — all of this helps reduce the risk of undesired access...

netstat commands

netstat commands for Windows, Linux, and Mac at a glance

You can use the netstat network tool in Windows as well as in macOS and Linux via the respective command line program. Depending on the system you are working with, you only need the appropriate netstat commands to check the status of active and inactive connections. We have summarized all important netstat commands for common operating systems.

Free dynamic DNS providers: An overview

The best free Dynamic DNS service providers

You would like to access your home computer, but you don’t know how? Is your home network, for example, throwing a spanner in the works with constantly changing IP addresses? Dynamic DNS services (DynDNS) can help you here. Find out which DynDNS providers are among the best and what advantages and disadvantages you have with each of them in this overview.

Telnet – the system-wide remote protocol

What Telnet is and how do you enable it?

Remote access to remote computer systems has always been a part of well-organized networks. Administrators can manage individual users as well as work on the move since it’s possible to access company data with a remote connection. One of the first protocols developed specifically for this purpose was Telnet. Read more here.

Telnet commands

Telnet commands: An overview

You use Telnet commands to control the connection between your PC or laptop and an external system, such as a web server. It is not only important to know the corresponding commands, but also which are appropriate. This is because Telnet commands are only effective when parameters are specified. Read on to find out more.

WeTransfer alternatives

WeTransfer alternatives

Those who have previously worked with WeTransfer, will be all too familiar with its basic principle: users can share large files without logging in or installing software. All you need to enter is the recipient’s email address. This was revolutionary when the platform first launched. However, nowadays numerous WeTransfer alternatives are available.

Backup of Google Drive

Create a backup of Google Drive: here’s how

Backing up Google Drive means securing data from a backup. Google Drive is a helpful cloud storage which lets you manage data centrally and independent of devices. Nevertheless, it is important to store Google Drive data externally in the form of a Google Drive backup. This is the only way to prevent data loss due to malware or accidental deletion. We explain how a Google Drive backup works.

Multiboot USB

Multiboot USB: How to create a Multiboot USB

If you need to reinstall Windows or Linux or alternatively repair damaged data, you’ll probably be familiar with using USB or CD. However, with a Multiboot USB, it is no longer necessary to have separate data mediums for each process: A Multiboot USB combines everything in one. We’ll tell you how this works.

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