Back up Outlook emails

How to back up your Outlook emails to protect your data

If you’ve ever lost your data, you’ll know just how annoying it can be. That’s why Outlook, the popular Windows email client, allows users to back up important data to various storage devices. To make an Outlook backup, you simply have to create and generate a PST file. Not sure how to do this? No worries. Our step-by-step guide has got you covered!

Import PST to Outlook

Import PST to Outlook: step-by-step tutorial

Need to set up Outlook on a new device? Maybe an employee is leaving and a successor requires access to previous calendar entries? You can save time and effort by bundling information from Outlook and importing data as a PST file to Outlook. Our guide explains how to proceed step by step and import data easily using a PST file.

What is a PST file

What is a PST file?

A PST file in Outlook is a kind of data container that stores user-related information from email traffic, contact lists, and calendars locally on the computer. Many users do not know whether files with PST extensions are important or can be deleted. We will explain where to find a PST file in Outlook, what it contains, and how to open it.

Perfect out of office message: Examples and templates

How to create the perfect out of office message

The out of office message is a crucial part of email communication in the workplace. If you don’t have access to your email, your contacts will want to know when you’ll be back and whether or not you’ll be represented by someone else in your absence. An out of office reply may be short but there are lots of mistakes that can creep in which you’ll want to avoid. We show you here how to formulate...

How to optimize professional e-mail signatures

Professional e-mail signatures

A professional e-mail signature is a standard part of business communication. Private users can also stand to gain from these e-mail additions. But what exactly does a good e-mail signature contain? And which information should your company include when sending messages to customers or business partners?

Outlook: How to save an email as a PDF

How to save an email as a PDF – Outlook makes it easy

The Outlook email program from Microsoft has become one of the most popular email clients, offering plenty of useful features and a clean user interface. One of these important features is the ability to save emails as PDFs. This can be useful for various reasons, for example, to store important emails on your hard drive. Read on to find out how to save your Outlook email as PDF.

How to create an email group in Gmail

How to create an email group in Gmail – a guide

Whether while working on a team project or in private when sharing something with a group of friends: If you want to send an email to several people at once, you can easily create an email mail group in Gmail for this purpose. In this article, we will show you how to create a Gmail group email step by step.

Change font in Outlook

Outlook: changing the font

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to change the Outlook default font. Perhaps your emails need to conform to a more uniform design or match the corporate identity of your company. In these cases, setting a different default font in Outlook makes sense. We’ll show you how to change the font in Outlook, so that you don’t need to adjust it each and every time you write an email.

How to open Outlook OST files

How do you open an OST file in Outlook?

An OST file is a local backup copy of your data. You can access the file when you’re offline, but you cannot open it directly. To access the OST file from other devices, you first need to import it into Outlook. This article explains where to find OST files on your computer, and how to open and convert them.

What is an OST file

What is an OST file?

PST or OST file? What role does Outlook OST play for email archiving? Where can you find OST files? These and other questions will be addressed in this article, helping you to understand Outlook better and how to find OST files if you need to use them.

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