PHP 8: What you need to know about the latest update


PHP is one of the most important languages on the Internet. Many content management systems like WordPress, TYPO3 or Joomla are based on PHP. The release of PHP 8 is imminent, but we’ve already had some information about its new features. Also some old features will be reworked,...


What is a CGI?

What is CGI?

Filling out an online form, selecting items to put into a shopping basket, or commenting on a blog – internet users encounter Common Gateway Interfaces on a daily basis. The technology converts dynamic functions to preserve server resources. But how does CGI work, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and what alternatives do developers have?

Scratch coding tutorial

Scratch coding: a short Scratch programming tutorial

Creating animated videos or being able to program computers remains a pipe dream for many people. The expertise required scares away most non-specialists. The platform Scratch, which enables programming without syntax and complicated codes, provides the appropriate answer. In this Scratch tutorial, you will learn what the education-oriented MIT project is about.

Blockly basics explained

What is Blockly?

With its intuitive user interface, Blockly enables you to design websites, develop apps or adjust your smart home to your needs. Instead of having to use a complex programming language, with Blockly, you can simply put together puzzle pieces. We show you the basics and possibilities of the library.

Visual Programming

Visual programming – the easy path to the digital world

Visual programming is based on the use of visual as well as acoustic elements for writing programs and applications. These elements are intuitive and, therefore, much easier to understand than the complicated strings of letters and numbers of conventional programming languages. This approach makes it possible for novices to easily get started in the world of programming.

What is web scraping?

What is web scraping?

Web scraping involves the extraction and storage of certain data from a website. It all takes place automatically thanks to special software. Using web harvesting, companies are able to be more competitive and develop new products faster. But the process isn’t always legal. We explain what aspects are important to keep in mind.

What are scripting languages?

What Are Scripting Languages?

It’s possible to write computer programs particularly quickly with scripting languages. No compiling is necessary when executing a program written in a scripting language. An interpreter is used instead. Read this article to find out what advantages scripting languages offer.

Change Firefox language

How to change Firefox language settings

When you download Firefox, you can select which language menus, buttons, and all other components of the user interface should be shown in. In total, the browser offers 90 different languages. But if you want to change the Firefox language at a later stage, our step-by-step guide offers a clear overview of how to change your Firefox language settings.

Restore tabs in Chrome

How to restore the previous session in Chrome

Trying to restore your tabs in Chrome? Accidentally closed your Chrome browser or individual tabs and simply can’t find those pages again? As a Google Chrome user, you can prevent this from happening, thanks to a built-in feature that lets you restore your most recently closed tabs. How do you restore tabs in Chrome, and does it make a difference if you want to restore individual or multiple tabs?...

Change Chrome language

Change language in Chrome: step-by-step guide

Google Chrome offers a range of automated settings. But these aren’t always ideal for every user. If the wrong language is set in your browser, there are easy ways to change the Chrome language. The following tutorial shows you how to switch settings in just a few clicks.

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