Please note: The following information is only valid for the current MyWebsite Creator. If you use software or services from external providers, it may happen that further data is processed. The use of such software is your responsibility. Please understand that we cannot give you any information about this kind of data processing.

Are cookies used on MyWebsite Creator?

Some technically required cookies are used. In addition, MyWebsite Creator uses tracking cookies based on Snowplow Analytics technology. This tool does not collect any personal data and is used by IONOS exclusively to improve its product range. You will find a text block on Snowplow in the template for your privacy policy.

What information does IONOS collect from my website visitors?

It is processed by IONOS SiteAnalytics.

Activation of changes as part of the GDPR

Please republish your website to ensure that all product changes are activated.

If you need help creating your privacy policy, please read the following instructions.