Authenticating Your Domain for Office 365 Using a TXT Record

Adding the Domain in the Office 365 Admin Center

  • Log in to with your administrator account.
  • Click Administrator to open the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Click Setup in the navigation bar on the left and then click Domains.
  • Click Add Domains.
  • Enter the domain of your choice and click Next. The domain is now added.
  • To authenticate the domain using a TXT record, click the option Add a TXT record instead and click Next.
  • Note the value displayed in the TXT value box.

Adding a TXT Record in the IONOS Domain Center

In the IONOS Domain Center, add a TXT record with the TXT value shown in the Office 365 Admin Center.
You can find more information about setting up a TXT record here.

Checking the Domain in the Office 365 Admin Center

  • Open the Office 365 Admin Center
  • On the Verify Domain page, click Verify.

Once your domain has been successfully verified, you will see the "Set up your online services" page.

  • Click the option I'll manage my own DNS records and click Next.

The Update DNS settings page will appear. This page lists all of the DNS settings that you need to change in the IONOS Control Panel.