Creating a Website with WordPress

Use any of your domains for a WordPress blog. Our unique setup wizard will handle the setup for you.

Choose a Domain and Start the Setup

If you want to automatically install and use WordPress with your domain, log in to IONOS and select Domains under My Products. Next, choose a domain that is not in use yet. Click Create Website, and then start the WordPress setup process by clicking Get Started.

Enter a Website Title and Login Data

Give your website an additional title that best describes it. Then, create your username and password. After successful installation, you will need this login data to access your WordPress blog/website. We provide helpful tips for coming up with secure user names and passwords along the way.

Choose the Type of Installation

If you want to manage your WordPress installation and maintain the plugins and updates yourself, continue by clicking Continue with WordPress – or choose the optional Managed WordPress for $2.99 per month. With this service, our team at IONOS will install important plugins for you and handle all of the updates.

Installed and Set Up Automatically

Our setup wizard handles the whole setup process for you: It installs WordPress on your webspace, automatically creates all necessary databases and sets them up. It also configures WordPress so that you can start using it immediately.

Log In and Get Started

Click Edit Website to go directly to your WordPress page. Log in with your login data and start bringing your new WordPress page to life. Have fun with WordPress!