Setting Up Microsoft Exchange® 2019 with Outlook for Mac

In this article, we'll show you how to set up a new Microsoft Exchange 2019 account in Outlook on your Mac.

Guided Steps

  • Start Outlook for Mac on your Apple computer.

  • From the menu bar, go to Tools > Accounts.

  • Click Add Account.

  • Enter your Microsoft Exchange 2019 email address and click Next.

  • If necessary, select Exchange  as the account type.

  • Enter your Exchange account information:

    • Account Description: Any name of your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.

    • Full Name: Your name to be used as the sender of your emails.

    • Email address: The full email address of your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.

    • Method: User name and password.

    • Username: The full email address of your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.

    • Password: The password you assigned when you set up Microsoft Exchange 2019.

  • If necessary, check the Automatic configuration box and then click Add account.

  • Outlook now connects to the Exchange server and the settings are loaded. If this is completed successfully, you will be prompted to authorise Autodiscover to set up Outlook on your behalf. Click Allow.

  • Click Add Account.

Your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account is now set up on your Mac. Depending on the size of your Exchange 2019 account, it may take some time to download all of your data.