Backing Up Microsoft Exchange 2013 Data

For Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Outlook 2013 / Outlook 2016

Learn how to use a PST file export to back up important data from your Microsoft Exchange 2013 account for later use on other computers.

Configuring Offline Settings of Cached Exchange Mode

Cached Exchange Mode allows you to work with your Microsoft Exchange mailbox even if your network connection is slow or unavailable. When this mode is enabled, a copy of the mailbox is stored on your computer. By default, if Cached Exchange Mode is enabled, email from the last 12 months is downloaded. To download all emails, follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook.

  • Click on File in the upper left corner.

  • Under the Information menu item, click Account Settings.

  • Click Account Settings. The Account Settings window opens.

  • Click Change.

  • Set the slider to All.

  • Click on Next.

  • Click Finish.

  • Click Close.

Exporting Data From Your Microsoft Exchange 2013 Account

  • Click File in the upper left corner.

  • Under the Open and Export menu item, click Import/Export.

  • Select the Export to file action and click Next.

  • At the File type to create item, select Outlook data file (.pst) and then click Next.

  • Select the folders you want to export, and then click Next. If you would like to export all folders of the account, select the top-level entry above Inbox, which is typically the email address itself.

  • Click Browse... and select the desired folder where the Outlook data file should be saved. Then click on Next.

  • Optional: Select whether to allow, replace or not export duplicates.

  • To save the file, click Finish.

  • Optional: Enter a password to protect the Outlook data file and click OK. The Outlook data file is exported.