Changing Your Microsoft Exchange 2013 Password in Your IONOS Account

If you have forgotten the password for your Microsoft Exchange 2013 account or would like to change it, you can assign a new one after logging in to IONOS. Simply follow the steps below.

Since we encrypt your stored email passwords for your security, we cannot send them to you if lost or forgotten. If you are not authorized to access the IONOS account, please contact the contract owner or your email administrator.

Guided Steps

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • In the My Products section, click the Email tile.
  • If you have multiple packages, click on the one in which the Microsoft Exchange 2013 account is located.
  • Click on the email address for which you want to change the password.
  • Enter your new password twice in the corresponding boxes. We highly recommend using a secure password.
  • Finally, save the new password with OK.

If you use an email program for your account, such as Outlook, or synchronize your data on mobile devices, the new password must also be entered there. If mobile devices continue to log on with the old password, the account may be blocked. You can find out which mobile devices you have connected with ActiveSync by using the Outlook web App (OWA).