Creating a Resource in Microsoft Exchange 2013

This article explains how to create a resource in Microsoft Exchange 2013.

Please Note

To create a resource in Microsoft Exchange 2013, you must set up an Administrator user for Microsoft Exchange 2013.

To set up the administrator user for Microsoft Exchange 2013, see the following article

Creating an administrator user for Microsoft Exchange 2013

Guided Steps

  • Log in to the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Administration Tool with your administrator account.

  • In the Manage and Edit Resource Mailboxes area, click Resource Mailboxes.

  • Click New Mailbox in the resource overview.

  • Select the settings for your resource.

    • Give your resource a name.

    • Optionally, you can select the resource type (room or device) and set whether calendar conflicts or recurring meetings are to be allowed.

    • In the field Additional Text for Automatic Reply: you can, for example, insert notes on the use of the resource if required.

  • Depending on the resource type you selected, some additional information is now required. To do this, click Advanced Options.

  • Fill out the mandatory entries marked with an * and make the required optional settings.

    • If you have selected the resource type Room, for example, you must specify the maximum duration of the meetings, the room capacity, and the maximum planning period.

    • You can optionally specify that the room may only be used during working hours.

  • Click Create Resource Mailbox to complete the setup.

The new resource has now been created. It may take up to an hour to synchronize to your account.