Setting Up an Exchange 2013 Account in the Samsung Email App

This article explains how to set up a Microsoft Exchange 2013 account on your Samsung smartphone or tablet in the Email app.


If you have not yet created an account in the Email app, please follow these steps:

  • Start the Email app.

  • In the Add New Account screen, enter your email address and password.


If you have already created an account in the Email app and it has been deleted in the meantime, you will see the Email Setup screen when you launch the app. In this case, tap Exchange to open the Add New Account screen.

  • Tap on Manual Setup.

  • In the Email Setup screen, select Exchange.

  • In the Domain\username field, enter your email address in the following format: \

  • In the Exchange Server field, type

  • Make sure that the Secure Connection (SSL) option is enabled.

  • Tap Log in, and the following message appears: Apply security settings? You must apply the security settings required by your IT policy to use this account.


The first time you set up an Exchange account, you must accept the privacy policy before the above message appears.

  • Tap Apply. The Activate screen of the Device Administrator app is displayed.

  • Tap Activate.

The Exchange account is now set up!