Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2013 on iPhone & iPad

For Microsoft Exchange 2013

With Microsoft Exchange 2013, you have access to all emails, calendars and contacts on your iOS devices.


  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Passwords & Accounts.
  • Select Add Account.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange as the account type.
  • Enter your Microsoft Exchange 2013 Email address and Description for this account that differentiates it from your other email accounts. Then select Next.
  • Select Configure Manually.
  • Enter your Microsoft Exchange 2013 Password and select Next.
  • Enter the remaining server settings using the chart below and select Next.
  • Field Input
    Domain Please leave this field blank.
    Username The full Microsoft Exchange 2013 email address.
    Password The password you assigned when Microsoft Exchange 2013 was set up.
  • Enable or disable the synchronization of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes, then select Save to complete the process.

Your Microsoft Exchange 2013 setup is now complete and the services you have chosen to synchronize will now begin downloading. Please allow time for all the data to synchronize to your iOS device.