Receiving Emails is not Possible

In this article, we'll give you important information and helpful instructions in case you are having trouble receiving emails.

Check the following:

  • Is your mailbox full?
  • Have you created filter rules in your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) or in the Webmail Filter Rules? As a result, could the email have accidentally ended up in a subfolder, sent to the trash, or discarded altogether?
    This is a common issue for those setting up a filter for the first time.

    Please keep in mind that a filter rule does not have to be filled out completely to be put into effect, so deactivate or discard any filter rules not actively being used. Try deactivating your filter rules to see if this fixes the problem. If so, reactivate them one-by-one to discover which one has created the issue.
  • Was the email detected as spam and placed in the Spam folder? You can retrieve the spam folder via IMAP or in Webmail.
  • Does the error occur with deactivated security software (e.g. firewall, virus scanner, etc.)?
  • If you are using Microsoft Outlook: Which error code (e.g. 0x800CCC78) is shown?
  • Have you entered the correct server and port in your email program? Check your email settings.
  • Have you entered your complete email address (such as as your user name?
  • Have you already activated encrypted email settings in your email program? If not, please do so. Please pay attention to the correct settings for incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • Can you reach the incoming mail server from your PC?

If you contact our customer service, we need the following information:

  • Which email address is affected?
  • What is the exact error message if you receive one?
  • Since when has the error occurred?
  • Which email program(s) do you use?
  • If you use IONOS Webmail, which browser do you use?
  • Which operating system do you use?
  • Does this problem occur on other computers?