Performance Settings for CDN Packages

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We explain the performance settings you made when activating1&1 IONOSyour CDN or CDN Plus package.

Setting Explanation
Performance Profile Select Standard, Advanced, or Expert. The listed parameters change depending on the selected profile.  
Caching Level Use the caching level to determine how much content on your website is to be cached.  
TTL Value Define how long the content of your website should be cached on your visitors' computers.
Auto Minify Choose which content of your website (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) should be optimized.
Rocket Loader Use the Rocket Loader to load JavaScripts of your website asynchronously.
Image Optimization (Mirage™) All images on the website are optimized depending on the visitor's device and the type of use on your website.
Optimized loading times of images (Mirage™) All images of your website are only loaded when the visitors get to the corresponding place.
Polish™ Image Compression (for CDN Plus Packages only) Compress your images automatically for faster loading times.
Railgun™ (only in tariff Unlimited Pro and for 1&1 IONOS Managed Servers) Fast loading of dynamic web content