What is a Content Delivery Network?

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General definition

A content delivery network, in short CDN, is a network of servers in various data centers around the world. The goal of CDN is to improve the security and performance of websites for their visitors. The CDN service at 1&1 IONOS is provided by the provider CloudFlare.

In these cases it is worth using CDN:

  • For websites with static content, such as Flash animations, many images

  • When using JavaScript on the website

  • For many website visitors from abroad

Tip: You can test whether CDN the performance of your website has improved with the help of www.webpagetest.org If you want to compare performance, you can temporarily disable the CDNfunctions by activating the edit mode.

operating principle

After the first call static contents of the web page of CloudFlare are stored temporarily in the nearest computer center. CloudFlare currently operates 86 data centers around the world. Visitors to the website who access it via CDN receive the data from the nearest computer centre. This can speed up the loading of static content from the website - in any part of the world. There is no traffic limitation.

security issues

CloudFlare protects the website by analyzing traffic and filtering out harmful traffic. This protects the website from spammers, SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks and excessive bot crawling.