Activate Functions of CDN Plus

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For Webhosting packages with a CDN Plus package

How to activate the exclusive functions of CDN Plus powered by CloudFlare in IONOS.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and go to CDN.

Step 2

Click on CDN in the Hosting section for more performance.

Step 3

In the line that lists the CDN plus package, click Enable.

Step 4

Specify the domain for whose subdomains you want to activate the CDNpackage. Then select the desired subdomains.

Please note: The Content Delivery Network can only be activated for subdomains, not for the actual main domains. Please make sure that your website content is accessible via this subdomain(s).

Step 5

Now click on Edit under General Settings. The individual functions are explained in the article General Settings for your CDNpackage.

Step 6

Select the desired functions and then click Save.

Step 7

Define the other settings for performance and security and then click Activate.

This completes the activation of the CDN Plus package. The settings take effect within a few hours.