Activating CDN

For web hosting packages

How to enable CDN powered by CloudFlare in 1&1 IONOS. you can use the CDN-function for each of your domains.

With CDN powered by CloudFlare we offer you a powerful Content Delivery Network ( CDN). With the 62 worldwide networks of CloudFlare you improve the performance and security of your website - no matter where your visitors are.

Step 1

Log in to 1&1 IONOS and go to CDN.

Step 2

Click Activate CDN -Package.

Step 3

Now enter the domain for whose subdomain(s) you want to activate the CDN-package. Then select the desired subdomains.

Please note: The Content Delivery Network can only be activated for subdomains, not for the actual main domains. Please make sure that your website content is accessible via this subdomain(s).

Subdomains with changed DNS settings cannot be used for CDN. Data services such as email, FTP or SSH cannot be used via CDN either.

Step 4

Select the required functions in the General Settings. To do this, click Edit.

Please note: Some functions can only be activated after booking the additional option CDN Plus powered by CloudFlare. These are marked with an asterisk.

Using the Edit button, you can define the values of the functions even more precisely than with the predefined profiles.

Step 5

You can use the predefined performance setting profiles to optimize the performance for calling up your website. Select Standard, Advanced or Expert, or click the Edit button for custom settings.

Step 6

Select the desired security profile in the security settings or click the Edit button for custom settings.

Step 7

Complete the setup by clicking on Activate.

Step 8

Confirm the General Terms and Conditions of 1&1 IONOS and the CloudFlare Terms of Use by clicking on Accept and Activate CDN Plus.

Please note: You have already activated your CDNpackage for the first time at an earlier point in time and would like to change existing settings? In this case the activation button does not appear here. Instead, click Save at the end of the settings page.

The activation of the CDN-package is now done within a few hours. You would like to activate CDN for further domains or their subdomains? Simply repeat the above steps for these domains.