Creating New Secure FTP Accounts

Learn how to create additional FTP accounts at IONOS. For example, if you only want someone else to have access to a specific directory, you can create a new account for that person and assign them to a specific directory.

How-To Video: Creating New Secure FTP Accounts

  • Log in to IONOS and select Hosting.
  • Click Manage under SFTP & SSH.
  • Click Create User. If this option does not appear, you have already set up all the users included in your package. In this case, you can delete a user that is no longer needed or switch to a package with a higher user limit.
  • Enter the desired user name and set a secure password. You also have the option to restrict the user to a specif directory or enter a Personal Note which displays in the user overview.
  • Click on Save.

FTP access is now set up and should work within a few minutes.

Please Note:

The user name cannot be changed. If needed, you can delete users/accounts that are no longer required and then create new ones.