Connecting to Your Webspace via Secure Shell (SSH) using PuTTY

For Web Hosting Linux packages with shell (SSH) access and Managed Dedicated Server

How to connect to your web space with PuTTY.

PuTTY is a free program for Windows operating systems that allows SSH-encrypted connections to the command line (shell) of a remote server. This makes it possible to execute commands directly on the remote server.

  • You have set up a password for your SSH user or the FTP main user
    (the FTP main user is also your SSH user).

Step 1

Download PuTTY to your computer and run putty.exe.

Step 2

For Host Name (or IP address) , enter the host name displayed in your My 1&1 IONOS. This is created automatically when you set up your package and has the form

step 3

Make sure that Connection Type: is set to SSH and leave the port at 22.

Step 4

Save the settings by entering a name under Saved Sessions, such as Website-Mustermann, and then clicking Save. This way you do not have to enter this data every time.

Step 5

Then select the connection you just saved and click Open to start the session.

Step 6

At the first login a warning message appears, because PuTTy does not know the 1&1 IONOS SSH server and therefore asks you if this connection is desired. Confirm this with Yes.

PuTTy now stores the public key of the 1&1 IONOS SSH server, so that no re-confirmation is normally required for future connections.

Please note: We import new keys at irregular intervals to ensure the security of the connection. It is therefore possible that the warning message appears again if the connection has already been configured. This means that PuTTY has detected a new key. Confirm the query with Yes.

Step 7
  • The command line will now open in a new window. You can now log in.
  • Enter your SSH username at login as and press Enter.

  • A second line appears. Enter your password and press Enter.

Hint: For security reasons, the password is not displayed during input, but you can correct alleged typos with the backspace key.

Please note: The SSH login is only possible with the SSH user or the FTP main user (since identical). Additionally created FTP users do not include SSH access.

You are now connected to your webspace via SSH.

Via the command line you can now e.g. edit configuration files with the Vi-Editor. The article describes how to create and edit files with vi-Editor via SSH.

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